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Hi there! I'm Jessica, and I'm so glad that you are here! I am a certified vegan nutrition health coach and plant-based nutritionist. Years ago, I had to teach myself how to meal-plan and properly read ingredients and food labels while grocery shopping. I wish I had someone to guide me back then. So, I took coursework and became certified in plant-based nutrition, cooking, and health coaching. My passion for plant based health and a vegan, holistic lifestyle led me to create Botany Mommy, so that I could help others and their families easily transition to this way of life. I have two children who also follow a plant-based diet with my husband and me, and we have all witnessed first-hand, the healing benefits of this lifestyle. I offer holistic lifestyle solutions (including diet, household and beauty) that are natural, free of toxins and always vegan and cruelty free. To say that I am obsessed with this lifestyle is an understatement, and my goal is to help you fall in love with it in the same way that I have! Please get in touch with any questions you have and subscribe so that you don't miss any of my free resources to guide you on your plant-based journey. My goal is for you to fall in love with plant-based living to heal and simply, GLOW!