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Dry Brushing Benefits and Tips

Updated: May 21

I dry brush [almost] daily prior to jumping into the shower. Dry brushing is exfoliating to the skin, so doing so before a shower ensures that the loosened skin cells are washed away. Yes, it’s an extra 2-5 minutes of time before you can jump into the shower but trust me, it’s worth it.

I like to add a couple of drops of essential oils to the bristles, depending on what I need (detoxing, calming, invigorating... there’s an oil for everything.) My favorites are grapefruit (aids in detox) and cypress (great for circulation). If you're looking to down-regulate, especially showering before bed, try a calming oil like lavender. Those who morning shower can benefit from adding a drop of peppermint or eucalyptus to gently wake up the senses.

Dry brushing has many benefits, including improving circulation and detoxifying the lymphatic system.

Dry brushing benefits: 🌱Exfoliates skin, removing dead skin cells and ingrown hairs 🌱Increases circulation and blood flow 🌱Lymphatic drainage 🌱Helps open pores prior to shower



🌱Improves muscle tone Dry brushing tips: 🌱Do prior to showering, on dry skin, daily if possible 🌱Use a natural bristled brush (make sure it is vegan, and not made with animal hairs) 🌱Brush in upward strokes, towards the heart

🌱Start at your feet, working your way up the body 🌱Add a few drops of essential oil to the bristles

What benefits have you experienced with dry brushing? Care to share any tips? Comment below!

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